I know – weird name huh? I called it a Guitarlele and then was corrected by Google, who confidently informed me this gorgeous bundle of joy is called a Guitarele or (even cuter) a Kiku. Nice!!

I am currently playing this more than any of the other guitars I own. It sounds great!!


Little Beauty

So here’s guitar number 12. Her name resonates for me and my friend Tony. She’s pretty cool huh? Started out life as a Crafter ht 24/nt and plays like a dream. Loved my time in the company of this gorgeous girl. Kisses.

Gone Fishin’

Very proud of this one!!  I had previously bought this Crafter guitar online from a charity shop in Yorkshire and she desperately needed some love. After initially painting the fish, the rest of the design followed pretty quickly. I kinda went for stars again (with some folky swirls in the background) and a black ‘n’ blue scheme – I think she looks coool.

Never named her tho’ …

The Tribute Guitar

So, to cut a long story short, a very lovely guy commissioned a particular paint job on his guitar. Here are the pix from that process. Initially I was kinda wary…

I guess the idea of painting on somebody else’s guitar (for me) was a huge responsibility. Thankfully Shaun (whose guitar it is) was totally awesome and not only provided a brief, but was also quickly responsive to text/pix messages. This ensured we were both happy with the design and made the process incredibly satisfying

What can I tell ya! Loved doing this one – Great communication and a great finished product. Shaun and I were both happy. Nice.


It’s been a while huh?

Here is Drake. She was named by a talented young man on the other side of the world and her livery reminds me of Maori body art. The compass influenced the choice of name and by giving the guitar an identity, I think we elevate these things from the functional to the personal. They change (for me) from simply ‘wood and wire’ to instruments that resonate with our personalities. They become our voices, our muses and our friends.

I guess this is why I paint ’em. Each one is different and each one will someday be someone’s friend and confidant. I hope Drake finds a good home. Happy sailing kid.