It’s been a while huh?

Here is Drake. She was named by a talented young man on the other side of the world and her livery reminds me of Maori body art. The compass influenced the choice of name and by giving the guitar an identity, I think we elevate these things from the functional to the personal. They change (for me) from simply ‘wood and wire’ to instruments that resonate with our personalities. They become our voices, our muses and our friends.

I guess this is why I paint ’em. Each one is different and each one will someday be someone’s friend and confidant. I hope Drake finds a good home. Happy sailing kid.


We also do electric …

Whilst recently I have been experimenting with painting on guitars, I also decoupage electrics. Here is an example.

This is an Epiphone 335i that I sanded, stripped down and covered with art from a Sci-Fi comic called 2000AD. I think the artist that created majority of the work shown on the guitar was Simon Bisley.The guitar itself was built in 1989 and so the artwork resonated strongly with my own recollections of that time (I was 14).  

The guitar is called ‘Slaine’ (The Horned God)  – as that was the name of the strip – and after varnishing, it looked super awesome!!  Am currently working on a Mockingbird that I hope will rock my/your/our world. Hope you enjoy the pictures and sign up for alerts for more news. Ta!! x

My Friend Jamie

Here is my lovely friend Jamie Nicholson’s Guitar. Pretty cool huh? I didn’t paint this one, but it certainly provides lots of inspiration.

Jamie Nicolsons Guitar

Here’s what Jamie had to say about it – “this is a lovely guitar I bought from a Brazilian friend, hence the Brazil flag; he lived with a Maori family for a year in New Zealand and they did the design for him. Unfortunately his visa ran out and had to go back to his motherland, but he left me with this gem. To honour him and the Maori family, I coloured the design all in woodstain, which was difficult because each shade takes two days to dry. If you paint one colour next to another, they bleed badly, so you do one colour, and wait…Anyway finally she’s done and I’m pretty happy!”

Awesome young Jamie; awesome!