Little Beauty

So here’s guitar number 12. Her name resonates for me and my friend Tony. She’s pretty cool huh? Started out life as a Crafter ht 24/nt and plays like a dream. Loved my time in the company of this gorgeous girl. Kisses.



Hey!! Here’s a recent guitar that I built out of lots of other bits of guitars. She plays like a dream and I love her a lot. She’s called Eddie (I wonder why?) Lil’ Seymour Duncan in the bridge, hot rails in the middle and a Squier single coil at the bridge. Floyd Rose for extra wham!! Dive bombs ahoy!

Oh btw – (I’m sooo hip) – she used to be red. I painted her ivory only recently. Here’s what she looked like before.

The Tribute Guitar

So, to cut a long story short, a very lovely guy commissioned a particular paint job on his guitar. Here are the pix from that process. Initially I was kinda wary…

I guess the idea of painting on somebody else’s guitar (for me) was a huge responsibility. Thankfully Shaun (whose guitar it is) was totally awesome and not only provided a brief, but was also quickly responsive to text/pix messages. This ensured we were both happy with the design and made the process incredibly satisfying

What can I tell ya! Loved doing this one – Great communication and a great finished product. Shaun and I were both happy. Nice.

My Friend Jamie

Here is my lovely friend Jamie Nicholson’s Guitar. Pretty cool huh? I didn’t paint this one, but it certainly provides lots of inspiration.

Jamie Nicolsons Guitar

Here’s what Jamie had to say about it – “this is a lovely guitar I bought from a Brazilian friend, hence the Brazil flag; he lived with a Maori family for a year in New Zealand and they did the design for him. Unfortunately his visa ran out and had to go back to his motherland, but he left me with this gem. To honour him and the Maori family, I coloured the design all in woodstain, which was difficult because each shade takes two days to dry. If you paint one colour next to another, they bleed badly, so you do one colour, and wait…Anyway finally she’s done and I’m pretty happy!”

Awesome young Jamie; awesome!