I know – weird name huh? I called it a Guitarlele and then was corrected by Google, who confidently informed me this gorgeous bundle of joy is called a Guitarele or (even cuter) a Kiku. Nice!!

I am currently playing this more than any of the other guitars I own. It sounds great!!


Little Beauty

So here’s guitar number 12. Her name resonates for me and my friend Tony. She’s pretty cool huh? Started out life as a Crafter ht 24/nt and plays like a dream. Loved my time in the company of this gorgeous girl. Kisses.


Hey!! Here’s a recent guitar that I built out of lots of other bits of guitars. She plays like a dream and I love her a lot. She’s called Eddie (I wonder why?) Lil’ Seymour Duncan in the bridge, hot rails in the middle and a Squier single coil at the bridge. Floyd Rose for extra wham!! Dive bombs ahoy!

Oh btw – (I’m sooo hip) – she used to be red. I painted her ivory only recently. Here’s what she looked like before.

Gone Fishin’

Very proud of this one!!  I had previously bought this Crafter guitar online from a charity shop in Yorkshire and she desperately needed some love. After initially painting the fish, the rest of the design followed pretty quickly. I kinda went for stars again (with some folky swirls in the background) and a black ‘n’ blue scheme – I think she looks coool.

Never named her tho’ …

The Tribute Guitar

So, to cut a long story short, a very lovely guy commissioned a particular paint job on his guitar. Here are the pix from that process. Initially I was kinda wary…

I guess the idea of painting on somebody else’s guitar (for me) was a huge responsibility. Thankfully Shaun (whose guitar it is) was totally awesome and not only provided a brief, but was also quickly responsive to text/pix messages. This ensured we were both happy with the design and made the process incredibly satisfying

What can I tell ya! Loved doing this one – Great communication and a great finished product. Shaun and I were both happy. Nice.